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If you're looking for a simple ceremony, in your home, on a weeknight evening, no meetings, other than the phone consultation, is necessary. No rehearsal is necessary. You will receive a copy of the ceremony as a keepsake, as well as a marriage certificate. The marriage license will be filed in the appropriate town, and you would contact them after 7-10 days for your legal certificate.

Your formal ceremony can include the traditions you want. 
​These may include:

Ring Ceremony
Candle Ceremony
Sand Ceremony
New/Blended Family Blessing
Jumping the Broom
Breaking of  Glass

​​​​​​​​​Fees vary depending on time and travel.
Are you and your spouse less formal, more outrageous?  Does your dream wedding include a sports team theme, or  Romulans, Vulcans and a Red Shirted Best Man?    Is a Renaissance Fair wedding theme something you've always desired?  Did you think you'd have a hard time finding an officiant willing to participate with your ideas? 
NJ Life Events has an open mind and a creative streak.  Include us with your wedding plans and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.
​(Within reason, because none of us are scuba certified!)
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Your wedding is special.  If you choose to plan a year in advance, or want to get married this weekend, NJ Life Events can assist you in creating a ceremony as special as the love the two of you share.  Various ceremonies are available, including a simple, no frills, civil ceremony lasting only minutes....or elaborate rituals involving family, friends, readings, poetry and your personally written vows.  It's up to the two of you.

You will have a phone consultation, and answer questions about the type of ceremony you desire.  ​​Your answers will help us craft a ceremony as unique as you both are.  Settings can be as varied as a reception hall, your living room and anywhere in between.  Parks, rivers, boats, oceanside, restaurants, and banquet halls are all options.  When the two of you decide on a venue, NJ Life Events can provide the officiant and the ceremony tailored to your specific wishes. 

After your initial free phone consultation, if you decide to proceed with
NJ Life Events​​, a small deposit will be necessary.  Your ceremony will be developed and emailed to you in WORD format for your approval.  You can add, delete or change anything that you'd like, until it reflects the ceremony you want to formalize your lifetime commitment.  The couple has the final say as long as the legal requirements for your state are met.